Surviving Midnight

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Coming Soon - "Surviving Midnight"

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By the author of "American Survival Guide 2012"


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Now in final stages - Chapters marked "Final" are the last ones prior to print, they will still contain "placeholder" images, which in some cases will be better than the published images (which have to be copyright free.)
As soon as every chapter has a "Final" designation, this site will be taken down.

Chapter 2 -(FINAL)- Introduction to this book
Chapter 3 -(FINAL)- The Things I have seen!
Chapter 4 -(FINAL)- What is REAL Prophecy?
Chapter 5 - (FINAL)- Warning - Contents Under Pressure
Chapter 6 -(FINAL) - Who was this man?
Chapter 12 - The Mahdi
Chapter 13 - Jihadi Jesus
Chapter 14  - The Pope/Antichrist Polarity
Chapter 15 (FINAL) -The Resistance
Chapter 16 - The Beginning
Chapter 17 - After the Intermission
Chapter 18 - Descent Into Hell
Chapter 19 - The Migration
Chapter 20 - The Last Bullfighter
Chapter 21 - The Phoenix That was France
Chapter 22 - Redbeard to the Rescue
Chapter 23 -(FINAL)- Encircled
Chapter 24 (FINAL) - The Murder of Paris
Chapter 25 (FINAL) - Exhausted Counterpunch
Chapter 26 - On The Run
Chapter 27 - The World Mourns its Losses
Chapter 35 - (NEW-but unfinished)  - Contributions and New Discoveries
Chapter 36 - Appendix A - Destroyed Cities List
Chapter 99 - Working area