Surviving Midnight

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World Jihad

The Coming World Jihad

This booklet is a roadmap through the future.
How far into the future?
We do not know.
But a quick review of the news indicates that this path is not far off, and maybe is already well underway.

The roadmap here is from the prophecies of an ancient seer, Michelle de Nostradame , known to us as Nostradamus.

Did you know that more than 20% of the prophecies he has written are about this one event? It was the main theme running through his book called the "Prophecies".
Only recently have these been sorted and arranged in chronological order. This book shows step-by-step what he predicted in the general order he saw them happening in.
This order was exposed in the book "Nostradamus, 1999" by Stefan Paulus, and we have used the same basic timeline as laid out in this amazing book.

Through this book, you will actually see how the battle between Good and Evil is fought, where it occurs, and who is involved. You may even be involved yourself, as the world will see combat and battles over 25% of its' surface. If you live in Europe, this map of the future will be your ticket to survival.

This book will be published piecemeal, here on this site, until it is completed, at which time it will be taken down and published.